Geotechnology has an international reputation for undertaking high precision gravity surveys capable of detecting the subtle effects of sub-surface voids.  The technique, commonly referred to as microgravity surveying, is a development of methods more commonly used to find oil reserves.  Geotechnology takes the conventional method and applies it in such a way that the resolution is improved significantly.  Our staff have used this technique for over 20 years and have world leading experience in its use.

Such is the reputation of the company in carrying out microgravity surveys that surveys have been undertaken in Australia, the Middle East, North America and Europe, as well as closer to home in the UK.  In the UK, the company regularly carries out surveys on the chalk in East Anglia and Hertfordshire, over tin mines in Cornwall, on limestone in South Wales and over Jurassic deposits in the West Country. One of the most recent surveys is the assessment of a ground collapse at Fontmell Close, St Albans.