Industry Type

Landfill & Waste

Geotechnology assists clients from the Waste management sector to remain compliant with current waste regulations. We help not only with the design of new facilities and securing new Environmental Permits but we also review and advise on management procedures. We design, install and monitor environmental monitoring networks and routinely carry out HRA reviews so that the monitoring requirements can be optimised. Where clients have been issued Notices or scored on their CAR forms we carry out reviews and advise on appropriate courses of action. We have also acted for a number of clients in court and legal proceedings.

Industrial Plants

Industrial plants typically have potential contamination issues and regulations such as COMAH require plans for leaks and spillage to be developed. Geotechnology has carried out this work on a number of large industrial sites, and assists clients with both soil and groundwater contamination issues. The practice is experienced at dealing with regulators, planners and the Environment Agency and developing sensible and appropriate actions in the event of the discovery of ground problems.

Legal Professionals

Ewan Thomas has been retained on many occasions to provide professional advice on ground related matters that are the subject of legal dispute. These have included subsidence of buildings, slope instability, land contamination, and boundary disputes. Geotechnology has often helped legal professionals interpret undermining risks at sites and properties subject to conveyancing.


The practice has been retained for many years by the Environment Agency to help in its regulatory function at landfill and waste disposal sites. Engineering proposals for waste containment together with CQA Plans and Validation Reports are reviewed for the Wales region. Ewan Thomas also provides landfill engineering training courses.

Housing/Commercial Developers

The practice has assisted many house builders and commercial developers cope with land legacy issues, such as undermining, contamination and deep infill, as well as the design of foundations, flood risk and surface water disposal. Having geochemistry expertise has helped many of our clients resolve issues caused by land contamination, as well as the movement of soils and fill both to and from sites.

Mining & Quarrying

Geotechnology helps mining and quarrying companies most frequently by undertaking independent reserve estimates and volumetric surveys. However, we have also provided slope stability and slope design services for both hard rock slopes and aggregate pits. We have also designed dewatering schemes for large excavations in difficult groundwater conditions.

Consulting Engineers

Geotechnology often assists Consulting Engineers and other consulting organisations with specialist ground investigation and modeling. As a licensed user of many sophisticated geotechnical software packages we are used to providing specialist modeling within a project team, and are frequently consulted on slope stability, settlement and pollution studies.

Local Authorities

The practice typically assists local authorities investigate legacy liability issues, such as abandoned landfills, pollution and contaminated land. We are able to provide the entire investigation, assessment and design package, giving a single point of contact for large and complex projects. We have carried out several very large ground investigations to examine large potential redevelopment sites. With our niche expertise in cavity detection we often assist councils establish ground instability risks.