Cavity Scanning

A cavity laser is a sophisticated surveying method that allows the accurate 3 dimensional surveying of sub-surface open cavities or voids. Data is gathered by the reflector-less laser which rotates to scan the inside of the void. The data is relayed to the control computer which generates the 3-D model in real time. It produces a cloud of point data to be gathered to National or local grid co-ordinates and levels so that the precise edges of the void can be plotted onto site plans or 3-D site models.  

The laser, if deployed during the investigation stage of a study, can follow open voids or cavities, directing drilling so that each borehole is drilled into void rather than pillar or surrounding rock. Typically, the survey takes less than an hour per hole, with the results available at the time of the survey, thereby allowing the co-ordinates of the next borehole to be determined.